Buying a Pandora


  1. Purchase from links below to SAVE YOURSELF TIME AND MONEY!
  2. The TWO systems you should have in sights: PANDORA GAMES 3D (2448) AND PANDORA BOX DX (3000)
  3. DO NOT buy “xxx” because it has more (or less) games, and is cheaper- RESEARCH, CHECK SPECS and REVIEWS!
  4. Make sure the item you purchase matches the amount of games and description attached- don’t get burned!
  5. PG3D is more powerful (can emulate PSP, Dreamcast!)
  6. PG3D has alternative name (Pandora 3D SAGA– 2448 games)
  7. DX has it’s focus on older Arcade titles.
  8. Pandoras Box 6 has been now succeeded by the DX
  9. “If I purchase on Amazon UK, I’ll get it from a Local store”No, you’ll be paying double price for a unit that comes from warehouses in China.
  10. AliExpress have a cash-back / return policy. Take photo, upload your evidence, sorted!

Here is a list, constantly updated.