Download Pandory

PandoryTool is compatible with multiple Pandora Boxes: 3D, 3D+, 18S, Saga-EX, Saga 3D, Saga14, DX, Key7 and several others.

PandoryTool is free and open-source software to add games and to improve your Pandora Box. Anyone can download and build the software themselves if they choose. Since not everyone is a programmer, we offer various editions pre-built for your convenience that you can run right away.

We invest a lot of our available private time into Pandory and we have structured the downloads in such a way that anyone who has donated to/supported the project will receive certain perks. This allows us to order any new pandora boards that appear on the market and finances the continued development of Pandory. We don’t want to disadvantage anyone unable to donate, so we have distributed the source-code free on Github, licensed using the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Pandory can:

  • Add games to the 3D, 3D+, EX, Saga 18S, 9H, Saga 14, Saga 3D 2560/4188 and any compatible “moorechip” models.
  • Add fixes/optimizations to different models:
    • 3D, 3D+, EX, 18S, Saga 3D 2560/4188/Key7 s812 – “Moorechip models”: add 4:3 aspect-ratio switching, telnet, ftp server, remote control, add retroarch, switch to android, emulator core overclocking, graphic-corrections, enable full root-access.
    • Key7 s912 – “Trimui/RX models”: add 4:3 aspect-ratio switching, remove blur, activate integer-scaling with razor-sharp pixels, enable emulator core acceleration, full root access.
    • DX – “3A models”: 4:3 aspect-ratio switching, remove blur, reduce screen tearing, activate integer scaling with razor-sharp pixels, accelerate emulators, add graphical corrections, menu-sound removal, general improvements, adds full root access via script on USB stick/SD card.

Which version to get?

Free VersionUltimate VersionFR “pre-release” Version
Almost all features from the ultimate version.

Limited to 20 roms per system type. This is fine for most people to add their favourite games.
(i.e. 20 SNES, 20 MEGADRIVE etc.)

Aspect ratio can only be corrected manually via wifi on the 3D/moorechip Pandora Boxes.

No FTP server
Same as free version but with:

Support for adding unlimited roms.

Automatic aspect ratio switching.

FTP server (to let you transfer files wirelessly).

Available to anyone who has donated a coffee or any Patreon member.
1 coffee gets the current version
3 coffees gets all future versions
The “Feature Release” version contains the very latest developments.

The FR release will eventually become the next free/ultimate release, but is only available as a preview for supporters at the moment.

The current differences between the FR version and free/ultimate:

Supports and improves the Pandora Box DX with automatic aspect ratio correction, root access, integer scaling and much more.

Available to:
any mid-level Patreon ($4)
anyone who has donated 5 coffees
Download free versionDownload ultimate versionDownload FR “pre-release” version

What to do after download:

Join our Discord to hang out, for help and for general Pandora shenannigans.

Backup your SD card:

How to add games:

How to backup and jailbreak:

Important: you do not need to backup if you use a Saga 3D 2650/4188 or Key7 (green s812), as these systems have their complete system on SD card. Use the first tutorial above to backup your card.

Thanks everyone. We’ll see you on the flippety flip!