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The GMKtec Nucbox G2 Mini PC is a VERY small computer at a low price… And it packs a punch.

Inside the box, we get the GMKTEC Nucbox G2 mini PC, a manual, HDMI cable, VESA mount, and power cables.

CPU: Intel N100 / 4-core, 4-thread / 3.2GHz Max
RAM: 12GB LPDDR5 4800MHz
GPU: Intel UHD Graphics Xe 24EUs @ 750hz
Storage: m.2 1TB SATA SSD
OS: Windows 11 Pro 64bit

The GMKTEC G2 comes well-packaged, and it looks great.
A big difference from many other computers we’ve seen so far is the inclusion of other coloured lids. There are 3 variations of either black, red, or blue (depending on the model you purchase), allowing us to customize the looks of this cute lil’ feller.

Slap that bad boy to the back of your monitor with the included VESA mount

Oh, and did you notice? It’s really small!

As the N100 is a very low-powered CPU, it potentially allows us to have a far smaller mini PC, which is reflected by the size of the GMKTEC Nucbox G2.
Sure, it’s not as tiny as the original Chuwi Larkbox, but it’s much faster. If you want something that is pocketable and can stream 4K video, this one fits the bill!
Looking at the ports, we have 2 1Gbps LAN ports, 2 HDMI2.0 (4K@60hz), 1 DP1.4 port, 3 USB 3.2 ports, and one USB-C for power input. The USB-C is a very welcome addition, which may allow us to potentially power the computer from the monitor. We’d appreciate a couple more USB ports, but due to the size, we understand that some things needed to be cut.
HDMI 2.0 can only support 4K@60HZ, but when looking into the true specs of DP1.4, apparently this is faster than HDMI2.0, giving us the ability to run 4K at a higher refresh rate. We’d like to do more testing on this, but currently such a high-spec monitor is not in our possession. If we ever get the chance to test this, we’ll amend this written review.

HDMI 2.0…. But DP1.4, yeah!

Connecting everything up is very simple, HDMI, power, and a USB dongle for the keyboard and trackpad.
We’re greeted with the usual Windows 11 Pro settings questions, where we’re required to answer a few questions to decide on language, region, and tracking options. This setup requires around 5-10 minutes. Once done, connecting to the internet will activate Windows for us so that we can use Windows Update to update the latest patches and drivers.

For such a low-cost mini PC, the GMKTEC Nucbox G2 performs incredibly well in Windows.

When using it for Office, web browsing, Krita, and even 4K video streaming on YouTube, this just delivers.

YouTube is quite noice

Gaming has its limits due to the low performance of the GPU… But we’re still able to run 2D games like Streets of Rage 4 in 1080p without issue, and the 24EUs can push those 3D games, but for the most part, we need to set the resolution to 720p for an acceptable performance. Grid Autosport is extremely playable, but if we want to play CS: GO, we need to look elsewhere.

Those “lighter” games run pretty well. Doesn’t mean they’re Metal as PHHSUGUGX!

Want to see N100 gameplay? Check here:

This is an AMAZINGLY good alternative to the Raspberry Pi 4 if you’re wanting to use it for retro gaming.

Loading up a USB stick with Batocera, and using this to emulate your favourite system is extremely decent. It shows that this cheap computer is ridiculously good value for the price, giving us a full 60fps when emulating systems such as PSP, PS2, Gamecube, Wii, Wii-U, and even XBOX.

For the most part, benchmarks are similar to the other N100 variants. Single-core numbers are slightly higher, but multi-core is around 200 points lower. This may be due to the tiny size and increased temperatures, especially when compared to the Chuwi Larkbox X, which was very cool- but around 4x the size of this tiny beast.

The SSD has fairly average speeds for an M.2 SSD, far slower than a PCIe NVME solution

It’s still far snappier than a standard mechanical drive. Even if the SSD isn’t from a very well-known brand, 1TB is incredible to see, especially at this pricepoint.
The GMKTEC G2 comes with an ample 12GB of RAM, which is in 3 sets of 4GB Samsung DDR5 that is soldered to the main board. While this was probably done to help with the budget, it does limit our ability to upgrade, repair and re-use the memory in another mini PC.

SSD is generically average

The BIOS is pretty decent.

We have multiple options to change, including raising TDP- Minor improvements were seen in our multi-core Fire Strike benchmark tests, but unless there’s a game that maxes out BOTH the CPU AND GPU, it won’t affect performance.
At idle, the fan turns off. The N100 is a very low-power CPU, so not much heat is generated.
At full speed, the fan isn’t noisy, nor is it quiet. The stock fan settings in bios are a bit odd, so they stop and start often.
Temperatures are acceptable, giving us an average of 60 degrees when running Batocera, but it’ll rise up to around 80 when playing games that stress the unit. We’d advise on lowering the fan temperature setting threshold in the BIOS, so they can start sooner. A fan that stops and starts is far more annoying than a fan that continually provides a slight breeze.

We can change the colour of the light that surrounds the Mini PC, allowing us to further personalize our box.
Secure Boot is set to OFF, so if you want to play Valorant or anything that relies on this feature, it can be turned ON here with no issues.

This PC is an easy recommendation

Perfect for a student, to be used as a family PC, or as an EMULATION WORKHORSE!
Just keep in mind, if you want to play more demanding PC games, look elsewhere.

Pros: Size, Snappy, Emulation, GREAT Value, DP1.4, Powered by USB-C
Cons: 3D Gaming, no PCIe NVME

Rating 4.5/5

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