MIYOO Mini V3 Review: A Tiny Masterpiece

Tiny, cheap, and CUTE!

It is without a doubt that the MIYOO Mini is a diamond in the rough of handhelds.
To have one that resembles a super tiny Gameboy, with an ultra-bright and vibrant screen that runs games up to PlayStation 1? Hell yeah!

That is what we said a few months back. But when we got our batch of September 2022 MIYOO Mini V2 and V3 units, some things were noticeably different.

At its heart, it’s the same cute handheld. But with some changes.

First up are the controls. The dpad and the shoulder buttons. The build quality when it comes to these is slightly better, tighter, and not loose.

It’s not only power that matters, but how you can push its buttons.

And then the screen. Putting this next to the older release, it’s obvious that the whites are not as bright. The whole display is duller.

Gameboy advance in the sun… Poke ’em ON!

Is that a problem? Not in the slightest. Provided the MIYOO Mini is still in stock, it is STILL a great unit that is sold from the official MIYOO store on aliexpress for under $60.

With OnionOS (free download on GitHub), we can even emulate systems such as the Amiga, and many other emulators not provided with the stock system.

Lotus 2 (Amiga) can be played at a decent speed. Brrrrnnnn!! Screeech!!!

The MIYOO Mini is well worth it, especially if you’d like to sneak in a game of Streets of Rage when you’re on the toilet at work.

Pros: Cute, cheap, fits in your pocket

Cons: Limited stock

Rating: 5/5

β–ΊVideo Review

Full video review HERE on YouTube!

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AliExpress (Official Miyoo Mini):
AliExpress 2: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_DCaLwkX
AliExpress 3: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_DBZpC0B
Amazon: https://amzn.to/3PCWh9l

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