Ultra Street Fighter on a PG3D?!


Just a taste of what you can do with the Pandory Jailbreak – Remember, we can install Android apk files up to v4.4. – Luckily, even new tools are still supporting this old OS.

Yes, it IS the real Ultra Street Fighter IV, and no- it’s NOT running natively. We are merely streaming it from my PC via network LAN.

Basically a technique I used with my Pi3. I used a tool called “Moonlight“.

Moonlight is an open source tool that streams from a Geforce packed device, to PC/ Linux/ Windows/ MacOS/ ChromeOS/ Android/ Vita.

If we can attach games, or emulators to Steam, we can stream them with very little latency issues. If you want to try this- make sure you’re using cat6 or better cable!

The newest files can be downloaded at their github.

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