So like, so many people came up to me on the street. They were like, “which CLONE is the best?” and, “I’m looking for the cheapest arcade joystick, where should I turn?” … Well, we investigated!

There are a ton of joysticks on the market, of them are different. Sanwa, Seimitsu, Zippy, all these names ended up on everyone’s list… But how about their clones!? How do they stack up against a real-deal Sanwa stick?

To find out, check the video above

… It may be a shocker, but I’m going to look back and switch #1 with #2… In the video, I ranked these without even thinking about the price. You could buy three lots to every one… Damn! Why not!?

So what sticks are in YOUR machine? Are you happy with them? Which sticks would you recommend? Share in the comments, y’all!

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