It’s been two weeks since Pandory 1.0.7 was released, scanlines are brighter, the sky is bright blue, and the sun feels more and more like a warm potato… In the southern hemisphere. – And you know… I completely forgot to TAP IT HERE ON THE FRICKIN PG3D-HAX.UK SITE!!

What’s new? A HALLALOT!


Added JB support: – Pandora Games 3D+ 4018 (Current known boards / firmware @ 25 Sept 2020) – Pandora Games 3D 4018 (GB3000 Boards up to firmware 20200217) – Pandora 3D Saga (2650 Games, PSA-S812-001 board, with or without NAND) – 3D Pandora Saga Wifi TV Game Box 3000 – SAGA DIY – Other “Moorechip” Pandora clones (3D Saga/X/Key7/RRTV?/18S?, based on the PSA-S812/GB3000 board) Added : Backup stick for PG3D+ / Saga DIY Added : DIP switch shortcut. P1 Start + button D (MAME & FBA) – Note: PG3D+ only supports compatible MAME titles Added : 3rd aspect ratio for vertical shooters. *Ultimate only* Added : Safe Shutdown. P1 Start & buttons A B C Improved : GPU Speed Up – Now uses Hardware for graphics, more responsive! Improved : MSAA 4x – 3D titles on (PSP etc) Improved : Hue/saturation/contrast *Ultimate only* Fixed : 3D Pandora Saga Wifi TV Game Box 3000/ PSP 2 Player modes (Use PSP Fix) *Ultimate only* Added : Openlauncher (Android) Fixed : Screen rotation issue (PG3D+) Fixed : APK install from other sources (PG3D+) Added : FTP access. Use port 7777 *Ultimate only* Added : Telnet access. Use port 4444 Added : Skin support for PG3D+. Place in /data/config Added : MAME139 configurations: – Chase HQ ** – SCI (Special Criminal Investigation) ** – Lucky n’ Wild ** – Super Chase ** – Power Drift ** – TMHT Europe (2P) **

Frixin PG3D+, and a wealth of other systems that are now supported by Pandory Tool!

Phew! Makes you wonder what’s in store for 1.08, huh? I can assure you we’re been dropping subtle hints here and there (how many can you spot? Write your answer down in the comments below!)

We’ve also been streaming at – subscribe and join in on the fun- if you have no time, we will upload them on YouTube provided we’re not a complete embarrassment.

Chat re: CX, Saga 14, best box to get, Pandory 1.0.7 etc

Or how about a little guide on switching out buttons on the cheap?

Colour fading on your Sanwa? Switch it for some brighter fantastic plastic

Either way, you’re probably in a much better position than these poor boards. Here’s a moment of silence for all those slain. RIP PG3D #1… And probably my first PG3D+, too 🙁 — Seriously… They’re extremely fragile… -Might better off getting some potaytohhh.

Much love y’all! Tarrah!

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