Retroid Pocket 3 PPSSPP Settings [Video Guide]

After seeing other YouTube channels show lackluster PSP performance, we decided to go and create a video guide for the Retroid Pocket 3, to hopefully help others have a GOOD TIME.

We’re gonna have a good time, with OutRun2006 C2C

There are a couple of issues with the RP3 that aren’t common knowledge.

  1. The unusual 750×1334 resolution. *Change Display Resolution to AUTO, and NOT Native Resolution*
  2. The Vulkan driver is absolute arse on this handheld. *Choose OpenGL!*

If we can keep those in mind, we should be able to get a decent enough framerate until we get an update to the backend operating system. – And that includes using options such as 2x resolution, CPU clock boost, and texture upscaling!

For more information, check our video guide on youtube:

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