SAGA invasion… En español!

Jailbreak a Pandora 3D SAGA in Spanish? This guy’s your man!

Creating content for everyone online can be difficult. On this site, we have done our best to incorporate it with an automated translator- but we ALL know that it will NEVER be as good as a proper translation, or even better, a NATIVE speaker.

Enter “Hiyoga Lee”.

… He throws up a video explaining of what the Pandory tool does- complete in Spanish, keeping everything detailed, yet simple to understand- preceded by an in-depth beverage review of his choice. You want English? – Try the automated subtitle translation- it’s great)

He gets it! – Free the Pandora system!

Who knew that you could have frickin’ NETFLIX on this thing? How about having a JB on a PG3D system without a NAND!?? It truly shows that if you have determination, much can be achieved by simply giving it all a go!

He also goes into the Jailbreak. – With a step-by-step tutorial on how to JB a Pandora 3D SAGA system. Perhaps this is the time to own a SAGA?

Can you stick it? Stick it good!

If you prefer to go your own way with the process documented, you can always check out Kibotech’s site on the subject @

kiboTEK are a distributor for Chinese knick-knacks

We hope that in the future, even more native speakers of multiple languages can come together and help enhance, and advance the Pandora Games experience.

Much love and huge thank-you for both Hiyoga Lee, and Kibotek!

Team Pandory and

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