Zero delay encoder pic

Does the Pandora Games 3D work with a Zero Delay encoder from Aliexpress?

If you ever wanted to make your own “Arcade style USB controller”, why not go for it?

These Zero Delay USB Encoders have been around for ages. These are tiny boards, and the turn buttons and switches into … a USB controller! They’re not too expensive either- The one in the video *board and cables* set me back 12$ for TWO SETS… With FREE POSTAGE!!

The biggest question, I guess- is would it work on a PG3D system? Well, here’s the answer- a big, phat YES! – And it goes an extra mile of offering us more buttons than we’re used to on this system!

Essentially, we can now use encoders, like this, to create more controllers for your arcade cabinets… External board controllers are a go- and also making your own PG3D style machine-in-a-drill-case- WITHOUT a harness! Can this add functionality to stock emulation? L2 and R2 now possible? Either way- more tests and experimentation are needed.

Seems we learn something new every time we fiddle with this wonderful little machine.

Board / cables only:

Board w/ Sanwa clone set:

USB hub w/ LAN:

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