Stream a gaming PC to your PG3D w/ Pandory Jailbreak

Use the Pandory Jailbreak to stream Steam to your Pandora Games 3D

It’s insane to think that it’s only been 25 years since we were linking up two computers together with Parallel / Serial cable to have a deathmatch on Duke3D, manage logistics with Transport Tycoon, or get three of your buddies together for a race on Lotus 2. Well.. Uh.. Now we can play games from other rooms in the house! How mad would THAT be?


OK, not too much of a crazy thought- but it’s incredible to see that very low latencies are now possible. Streaming a current-gen game title to your arcade cab in the basement really isn’t a bad way to go- It’s actually REALLY feasible and can be done on the cheap.

Video below shows users how to:

  • Bring up the Android screen by using the script
  • Install APK files, such as Moonlight and PPSSPP
  • Use Moonlight to stream Steam from a GeForce powered gaming PC
  • Use and configure PPSSPP
Video guide inside

There’s no excuses anymore, really. You can actually slam most applications / emulators into Steam- N64 / PSP / PS2 / PS3 / Saturn / Amiga / (insert difficult things to emulate)

It’s all good!

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