Who the heck likes playing Outrun in LOW-GEAR ONLY? This was one pet-peeve I had about the stock games on the unit.

Basically, the PG3D has like, four versions of MAME. – We can find the titles by installing with different emulator type tags. This creates the folders on the memory card, which we can extract the data.

emulator_type 2 : MAME (37) ZIP
emulator_type 3 : MAME (139) ZIP
emulator_type 4 : MAME (78) ZIP
emulator_type 19 : MAME (19) ZIP
emulator_type 20 : MAME (139)

Trying different combinations of Outrun rom eventually led to a fix. High gear, baby!

Download @ https://mega.nz/#!UEwCkQpS!Bj7ECn1FlT4LUEwDFxx3QLTD8ocnCh5Awl5ZpaIjOqA

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